Also see our guide to Amazon Prime so you can pick up even more discounts when Prime Day arrives.

Amazon Echo Deals

£15 off Echo Dot 3 - now £34.99: We previously saw the Dot 3 for as low as £24.99 in the Black Friday period, and £29.99 as recently as last month. Will Amazon reduce the price further this Prime Day?

£20 off Echo 2 - now £69.99: The lowest price we've seen on the Echo 2 was £54.99, last December. Right now it has £20 off but had about £25 off in April 2019. 

£20 off Echo Spot - now £99.99: The Echo Spot, is also seeing £20 off. The price dipped to £95 in April and was as low as £89.99 last December.

£30 off Echo Show 2 - now £189.99: The Echo Show 2 has dropped to £189 a few times this year (three times), and the lowest we've seen it was £169.99, last November and December.

£15 off Echo Input - now £19.99. The Echo Input is a clever option if you want to turns any of your existing speakers into an Alexa-enabled smart speaker. You'll just need to plug it in via the audio input port or connect via Bluetooth. Prices have never dropped below £19.99, so look out for anything lower on Prime Day.

Amazon Kindle Deals

£10 off All-new Kindle - now £59.99: The recently released All-new Kindle comes with a built-in reading light. This is the first time the price has dropped. Plus now, Prime members can pick it up with free delivery.

£20 off Kindle Paperwhite (Waterproof)- now £99.99: The Paperwhite hasn't typically dropped below £99.99, except last November when it was £89.99. Will Prime Day prices go below Black Friday's?

Amazon Fire Deals

While there aren't any deals on Fire tablets this instant, you can pick up a bundle on the Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa remote and Echo Dot 3 for £74.98 (worth £89.98 when bought separately).

The bundle price has dropped a few times in the past, down to £49.99 in February and March, so it may be worth waiting to see what Prime Day has in store.