(Update: Now Virgin is now giving away a free 500GB PS4 and 1-year PS+ subscription with its Sony Xperia 10 deals, which includes 100GB of data for £24 per month. See more details or head to Virgin to get this offer).

Regularly, the Xbox One S retails at £199, while the Samsung Galaxy Tab A at £249

It's an especially winning offer if you're planning to watch the Premier League football, which is accessible through the BT Sport app included in BT's broadband bundle plans. Keep in mind the cheapest place to watch the Premier League on its own is over at NowTV, which has 40% off the Sky Sports pass.

Plans qualifying for the free Xbox console or Galaxy Tab A start at £45.99 per month: this price combines access to the BT Sport App at £10 per month and the Superfast Fibre plan at £35.99 per month. The Superfast Fibre plan offers average speeds of 50Mbps, which should be enough for streaming, videos and gaming. It's a two-year plan that includes line rental, with a £9.99 upfront cost. The monthly rate goes to £53.99 after two years. Head over to BT now to see this deal.

For larger households that demand faster speeds, there's also the BT Sport app with the Superfast Fibre 2 broadband plan, which runs at 67Mbps on average. This costs £49.99 per month, though £57.99 per month after the two year term. There's a £9.99 upfront cost on this plan as well. Head over to BT now to see this deal.

You can see other BT Sport broadband and TV bundles too, which start at £39.99 for 36Mbps speed – these offers also also qualify for the free Xbox One S or Galaxy Tab A giveaways.