The Diggit 55 caught our eye thanks to its removable stake, designed to plunge into the nearest flower bed, lawn, or beach to keep the music flowing as long as the beer and ‘que. The design means the speaker doesn’t touch the ground, so the music will sound clearer and unmuffled. We’ve seen a lot of outdoor speakers, but rarely ones that solve the issue of where to put them down.

It makes total sense to buy a £49.99 speaker or two (there’s tap-to-pair stereo paring) and line them up in the flower bed. They’ve also got IP66 weatherproofing so if you forget to bring them in one night, they’re going to be just fine. That said, they will work perfectly indoors, too.

With an estimated 15 hours of playback on a single charge, this handy little speaker and stake shows that you don’t have to add too much to a product to make it more useful in the crowded field of Bluetooth audio.

Image: KitSound