During an earnings call, transcript via Seeking Alpha, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence made the announcement.

"We remain committed to launching at least two new products per year and are well on track as we look at our fiscal 2021 product roadmap. We are excited to introduce our newest product next month. Stay tuned for details," he said.

With the surfaced info on the new speaker that looks like a smaller version of the Move, we assume this is what's coming in March. Although, it's possible it could be the long-awaited Sonos Headphones.

Spece added the firm is focussed on delivering "innovative new products that both new and existing customers love, plus services that enhance and further differentiate the customer experience."

We now know that the 'special event' will take place on 9 March at 1pm PST, which is 9pm in the UK.

Sonos event 9 March

There's little clue as to which product - Spence did not say 'products' plural - Sonos will announce unless the person walking through nature away from home indicates headphones, but we may be overthinking that.

You'll need to tune in to the Sonos Press site to find out, where it looks like there will be a live stream. Note that it says 8 and 9 March here as this may be for briefings in advance.

Since the event was announced, a teaser appeared on the official site asking users to sign up for updates suggesting it will be this small speaker due to it's 'something not so big is coming' teaser.

Sonos speaker 2021 teaser

Sonos Move 2/Mini specs

Seldom does a new tech product remain secret until it’s launched and thanks to an FCC filing, we have the first details of a new Sonos speaker which is in development. It could be the firm’s truly portable speaker.

While the Sonos Move was welcome news back in 2019, arriving as the firm’s first portable design including Bluetooth, it is hardly compact or light enough (a whopping 3kg) to throw into a rucksack when you want to head out and about with it.

It’s really designed to take out into your garden or shed rather than on holiday with you. However, this new speaker looks like it will scratch that itch and more directly take on the wider market of Bluetooth speakers.

Sonos Move 2 Bluetooth speaker

While the model number of S27 could mean it’s the Move 2, since the Move is the S17, Sonos could also call it the Move Mini.

The FCC filing reveals a tall speaker sitting on a wireless charger, complete with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac). It also states that the device will use less power than other Sonos speakers, alluding to its more portable size.

Another interesting part of the listing is the label which must appear on the speaker with certain pieces of information like the FCC ID number and model number. It’s fashioned in a circle and will be “laser etched around the perimeter of the bottom surface”, essentially confirming a cylindrical design much like the UE Boom.

Sonos Move 2 label

A smaller, lower-powered speaker should be cheaper than the £399 Move but there’s more good news as the Wi-Fi 5 spec mentioned earlier is better than current devices which have Wi-Fi 4. This should improve wireless performance, including a greater range.

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