What is Sonos Flex?

In simple terms, Sonos Flex is a way of renting speakers so you don’t have to buy them at full price. You pay monthly for different sets of devices, depending on what you want.

How much is Sonos Flex and what speakers do I get?

There are three different tiers for Sonos Flex, starting at €15 a month. At this level you get two Sonos One smart speakers which you can use independently or connect together to make a stereo pair.

At €25 you also get a Sonos Beam, which is the firm’s smaller soundbar to connect to your TV.

The most expensive package is €50 and gets you a Playbar, Sub and a pair of Sonos One speakers. You could use these all together as a home cinema surround sound system or put them in different rooms.

Sonos home cinema

How long is the contract and can I cancel?

Sonos Flex is a monthly subscription and can be canceled at any time.

While your subscription is active, units will be replaced with newer models as they’re released. Delivery is free and you can choose whether you want white or black speakers.

Is Sonos Flex available in the UK or US?

So far Flex is a trial in the Netherlands covering 500 homes, but if this is successful the service is likely to roll out to other countries.

We’ll update this article should Sonos expand Flex. For now, check out our guide to the best Sonos speakers.