Now it seems Samsung is going to be getting a little bit more experimental with the design of its next true wireless offering, dubbed the Galaxy Buds live.

What are the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live?

German tech site, was informed by sources familiar with the matter about the existence of a second pair of true wireless buds on Samsung's 2020 roadmap, using the codename 'Beans'. Based on sketches and renders the site was supplied with, it seems that this name comes with rather literal implications.


These new Buds directly resemble jelly or kidney beans, with a 2.8cm-long angled pill-shaped design that doesn't encroach into the ear canal (like the current Galaxy Buds) and instead sits against it, more akin to Apple's AirPods or Huawei's Freebuds 3.

As for the name, it was initially thought that Samsung would carry the Buds' distinct codename all the way through to market, however, after a leak spotted by SamMobile within Samsung's own Galaxy Wearables app included imagery of the bean-shaped earbuds with the file name 'buds_live', it's thought that this is the final product name. 'Galaxy BudsX' has also been bandied around by a number of sources.

What features do the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live offer?

Inside, the Buds Live supposedly tote two small loudspeakers with a channel similar to that of a woofer to allow more air to be moved around inside.

South Korean news site Maiel reports that the Buds Live will also boast ANC (active noise cancellation) - a feature many were disappointed didn't make it into the Galaxy Buds+.

The same report also claims that battery life will top out at 11-hours per charge, although there's no indication of what the Buds Live's charging case looks like, nor how many recharges it own cell will offer.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live cost?

That same Korean report also cites a local price tag of ₩170,000, which directly works out to approximately £110/€125/US$140/AU$205.

Such pricing would make them a prime rival to Apple's AirPods, with the added edge of ANC - although, based on the existing Buds pricing, expect them to clock in a little higher.

When will the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live launch?

It was initially thought that Samsung would introduce the Buds Live amidst the Samsung Galaxy Note 20's Unpacked event, expected to take place on 5 August. However, there's now word that both the Buds Live and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 might make their debut sometime at the end of July.

The Galaxy Buds Live are also expected to serve as a pre-order bonus for those looking to pick up a member of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 family.

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