Galaxy Buds Beyond release date

There’s little information at the moment as the earbuds have been discovered (via 9to5Google) via a US trademark filing, which applies for the phrase ‘Galaxy Buds Beyond’. Sadly, the application reveals no further details on the device.

However, there are strong rumours that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S21 (or possibly S30) range of smartphones on 14 January – the last day of CES 2021.

It’s earlier in the year than normal but it seems Samsung wants to take away sales from rivals like Apple and Huawei by releasing new phones sooner.

Should an Unpacked event take place on that date, it’s a good bet that the Galaxy Buds Beyond will be unveiled alongside the phones. The Galaxy Buds+ arrived with the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Buds Live were revealed with the Galaxy Note 20.

Galaxy Buds Live

Galaxy Buds Beyond wishlist

It’s anyone’s guess at the moment what the Galaxy Buds Beyond will be like but if you ask me, it’s the Galaxy Buds+ that are due a refresh being the older pair.

Scoring 9/10 in our review, there’s not a whole lot Samsung can do to improve the Galaxy Buds+. Dom said in his verdict “I’ve never worried less about battery on any wireless headphones.”

They also offer excellent sound quality thanks to dual-drivers, but are limited to IPX2 splash resistance so that could certainly be improved making them more durable for serious runners and the like.

It’s also hard to move the earbuds without triggering the touch sensitive buttons. That’s a hard one to solve but, well, it’s Samsung’s problem.

The main thing we want to see is active noise cancelling. The Galaxy Buds Live have this, albeit on an open design which isn’t ideal. It’s hard to predict whether Samsung will add this or keep it as a lure to buy the more expensive Buds Live but fingers crossed.

We’ll update this article with any leaks and rumours as they happen.