That's not to mention the sub-par battery life and lack of bass in even last year's model. Here's hoping it's the third time's a charm for Google.

When is the Pixel Buds A release date?

It was originally expected that the Pixel Buds 3 would arrive late in 2020 but plenty of tech launches were delayed last year due to the pandemic.

The wait goes on but that means we have more information now including that they look to be called the Pixel Buds A.

This is via 9to5Google which says an FCC listing points towards "somewhere in the mid-year window" for launch, rather than Google's expected autumn event when the Pixel 6 is thought to arrive.

How much will the Pixel Buds A cost?

With the naming of Pixel Buds A, it suggests Google is going for a cheaper version than before. 

It might be an upper case A, but it still matches the branding used for Google's more affordable smartphones of the last few years such as the Pixel 4a.

With the Pixel Buds 2 coming in at £179/US$179, it's likely that the Pixel Buds A will target closer to £100-130 (the same in dollars) to rival earbuds like the RHA TrueConnect 2 and Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch.

It will also mean they undercut rivals like the Apple AirPods 2 and Samsung Galaxy Buds+.

What will the Pixel Buds A be like?

Back in the middle of 2020, a patent filed with the China National Intellectual Property Administration, spotted by 91mobiles, gave us a look at what the next Pixel Buds might look like.

Pixel Buds 3 patent

However, now we know them to be the Pixel Buds A with 9to5Google saying they will be almost indistinguishable from the current Pixel Buds 2.

It's unknown what Google will change about the specs of the Pixel Buds for 2021 to make them cheaper - although they will supposedly keep the touch controls - but visually they will come in two new colours.

The first is an all-white model which won't have black sections to the buds themselves, nor the inside of the case.

Pixel Buds A

The other option will be a forest green, much darker than the current Quite Mint option or even the Sage Green Pixel 5. In fact, Google has inadvertently shown off this model in an email sent out to Google Nest users.

You can see the buds and the inside of the case in the new green, which along with the all-white, may well match the upcoming Pixel 5a colourways.