RDI-03 is the ever-so-catchy name Intempo has given to what it claims is the first ever DAB radio iPod dock. If you're going to do something you think will start a trend, at least give it a memorable name, we say.

While we could probably fill a good third of every issue of PC Advisor with news and reviews of iPod accessories - docking stations and speakers being chief among them - anything with DAB grabs our attention. We are also keen on the Intempo's £99 price tag.

In some ways, the multi-gigabyte capacities of iPods and other hefty MP3 players have taken over the role of extensive CD and record collections, but on their own, MP3 player speaker docks seem to lack a little something. A DAB/FM radio could well be that something. After all, the traditional hi-fi system had CD and/or turntable as well as a cassette player and a radio. In this sense, the RDI-03 appeals.

As Intempo's MD, Bernadette Spofforth, says: “Many DAB radios have a 3.5mm jack which will play iPod tunes through the radio speaker. At Intempo we've turned this notion on its head.” More than five million DAB radios have now been sold, with the UK accounting for a huge proportion of sales.

With some fairly hefty 30W speakers and a 15W subwoofer, it ought to kick out quite some volume, which makes us wonder a little about Intempo also including an alarm clock.

Just one question: does anyone really want to woken up at some ungodly hour to the sounds of Eminem or even Amy Winehouse at top volume?

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Intempo RDI-03

Intempo RDI-03