The source familiar with the matter says it will “look unassuming and familiar” and “fit in nicely with the fabric-based design language” of Google’s existing range.

So far, most of Google’s smart speakers have come under the Home branding but the transition to using Nest - the firm it acquired way back in 2014 - continues.

The speaker, codenamed ‘Prince’, will sit alongside the Nest mini (below) and the Nest Hub smart displays.

Nest mini

We imagine the regular Google Home will be discontinued at this point - it’s already gone from the US store.

There are not many details about the device yet but it’s expected to have more powerful sound than the Google Home thanks to larger drivers.

It will, of course, run the Google Assistant and is likely to support stereo pairs if you buy two.

Sadly, there’s no information on the final name, nor when it will launch or how much it will cost. We can predict it will be a little higher than the Google Home so likely around £100 or a bit more.

A combined launch event this summer with some other new products such as the Pixel 4a and a new Chromecast dongle currently named ‘Sabrina’ could well be on the card if you ask us.