The Quiet Super Steam and the Pro edition

There are two irons in the steam generator range: the Quiet Super Steam and the Quiet Super Steam Pro. As the names suggest, they're much quieter than an average iron of this kind (up to ten times quieter, according to the press release), so you can chat or watch TV while getting through your stack of laundry.

If you haven't used one before, you may be wondering what a steam generator is. It's an iron with a large water tank (much larger than the small reservoir on a regular iron) and a boiler that swiftly heats the water. It has much greater steam pressure than an ordinary iron, making it more effective. It’ll be able to smooth multiple layers of fabrics at once.

This type of iron can usually double as a steam cleaner as well, although it’s not clear if the Russell Hobbs steam generators have this functionality.

The Quiet Super Steam is a 2400W appliance with a 1.8 litre water tank that can be removed, so you can use it like a traditional iron as well. Its steam function has 7 bar pressure and it features a ceramic soleplate that allows it to glide easily.

The Quiet Super Steam Pro is more powerful, at 2750W. It has Russell Hobbs’ One Temperature technology, meaning that the soleplate remains at a constant temperature, while more heat comes in the form of steam. This means the iron is safe to use on even very delicate fabrics, so you don't need to sort them or adjust the iron as you go through your pile.

Super Steamer Pro

The irons are designed to harbour less limescale and are made for easy cleaning.

The Quiet Super Steam has a RRP of £229.99 and is pictured at the top of the article. You can buy it from the Russell Hobbs website but it's out of stock at the time of writing.

The Pro version has an RRP of £249.99. You'll be able to buy it from the Russell Hobbs website or Amazon from October.

Sleek Diamond Elite Iron

The Sleek Diamond Elite Iron (mental name) is Russell Hobbs’ most powerful iron yet. It's a 3100W appliance, with a 50g continuous steam function and an additional 220g steam shot.

It's designed to be comfortable to use, with a textured grip handle and a long (3m) power cord. 

According to the product information, it also has a ceramic soleplate that’s “infused with black diamond”. We requested clarification on exactly what this means from Russell Hobbs. They let us know that diamond powder is added to the coating of the soleplate, making the plate twice as durable and allowing it to glide more smoothly over fabric.

Diamond Elite Iron

It has an RRP of £69.99 and is available from Russell Hobbs or Argos.

Titanium carbide iron

This iron is made for durability and has a titanium carbide infused soleplate. If you use your iron a lot and want to buy once and have it last, this could be the one to go for.

It has a 160g steam shot and 55g of continuous steam. It also has a vertical steam function, so you can use it to steam curtains or clothes on a hanger.

Titanium carbide iron

It has anti-drip and anti-limescale tech, so you won't get wet spots or calcium deposits on your clothes and the iron won't gunk up with limescale.

It has an RRP of £49.99 and it's available on the Russell Hobbs site.