We haven’t reviewed the latest DiamondClean brush, but the Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 is our favourite electric toothbrush we have tested (and is conveniently down to the exact same price right now), and on paper the DiamondClean should be even better if whitening is your priority.

There are five cleaning modes - including support for sensitive teeth and gum care - and it includes both a stylish LED puck charger and a charging travel case. You might not even need it though, as the two-week battery life means it’ll cover most holidays with ease.

Although the full RRP is £300, it’s worth noting that the brush doesn’t usually sell at that much. It’s typically around £150, and has dropped as low as £100 before, but £90 really is the cheapest this particular brush has ever been, and it should be well worth it.

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