We had a hands-on with the Styler at a press launch at the end of 2019. It has a sleek, minimalist design and is the size of a small cupboard (185cm high, 44.9cm wide, 58.5cm deep). It weighs 83kg (about 13 stone). There's a touchscreen display in the door similar to that of a smart mirror, showing the different programmes.

Inside are two shirt/jacket hangers, a trouser press, shelf for blankets and pillows and a water reservoir. The hangers gently agitate your clothing, which, when combined with steam, offers a gentle cleaning process. 


The Styler has three basic programmes: refresh, sanitise and gentle dry. But users can also download specialist programmes which combine or modify these options to create further functions.

The Styler can refresh cashmere, leather and silk, so it can be used to lengthen the periods between dry cleaning trips. Its steam sanitising function has a British Allergy Foundation seal of approval and can be used to disinfect pillows, dog beds and children’s toys, destroying 99.9% of bacteria found at home.

It features a trouser press and can steam the wrinkles from a number of fabrics – linen not included. It removes dust, odours and allergens from clothing and sheets. It dries delicate items. It can even warm a coat before you put it on in the morning.

It’s also a connected device, although not exactly as you might expect, with the focus on the user's connection with LG and thus the company's product support and advice.  

The next question: is the product worth that very serious price tag?          

The headline is that the LG Styler is an add-on. If you buy one, it’ll be very much a case of the iron, the wash and the wardrobe. It won’t replace anything you use at home. It doesn’t remove wrinkles better than an iron. It doesn’t clean like a washing machine. It’s not even a complete substitute for dry cleaning.

It’s hard to estimate what it’ll cost to run as each function is slightly different. However, it’s a 1,500W appliance, which means it’ll use a fair amount amount of energy. A single drying cycle will probably cost around 15p in electricity. That's very likely less than the equivalent cycle in a washer-dryer. The Styler's steam cycle will certainly be considerably less than the cost of dry cleaning.

So, it really depends on what it would be to you. In all honesty, for the majority of functions, most people would manage just as well with a high-quality hand steamer. But if you have the space and the budget, the Styler is very much a nice-to-have piece.

Since we wrote this article, we've reviewed the Styler. You can see what we thought in our full, hands-on review.