The kit comprises the AeroPress coffee maker itself (which is a double tube that can be plunged straight into a coffee cup), filters, a scoop, a funnel and a stirring paddle.

If you want to find out a bit more about the gadget and see if it’s for him, you can read our article: Should I buy an AeroPress?

The AeroPress is to be used with ground coffee, so make sure that your dad has either beans and a grinder or ground coffee to use with it. Read on to see options for those.

You can buy an AeroPress from Amazon UK for £28

Infinity Gauntlet mug (£13.99)

Avengers assemble! and then quietly drink coffee, because it’s morning.

Infinity Gauntlet mug

Give your dad the power of caffeine with this tastefully bejewelled mug. Just to be clear, this is a drinking vessel only and will not grant him the ability to destroy half of all living things.

It's official Marvel merch and is on sale from Firebox for £13.99.

Coffee grinder (£32/ £199)

If you want to step up your home coffee making, a grinder is an essential part of your home-brewing kit. Coffee is at its absolute best when it's made from freshly ground beans. The catch is that you have to use a good-quality grinder, or you'll get a bitter brew. 

We've got more info on what to look for when buying a coffee grinder in our related article but in very, very condensed form, you need to buy a burr, not a blade, grinder.

Your next decision is whether you go manual or automatic. Manual grinders have some advantages. They are small, portable and much less expensive. However, they do require a bit of elbow grease to produce your morning brew.

A reasonably priced option is the Hario coffee grinder. It's a small portable ceramic burr grinder. It would be a good accessory to use with an AeroPress or to take on a camping trip.

Hario coffee grinder

The Hario grinder is available from Amazon UK for £32.

On the other end of the scale is a fully-automatic coffee grinder. These are larger countertop appliances that grind beans to your requirements at the touch of a button.

If you want to go all-out on a Father's Day gift, we reviewed the £200 Smeg coffee grinder and it is a corker. You can read our review or buy it from for £199. It comes in black, white, cream and light blue.

Smeg grinder

Pennywise mug (£12.99)

Who doesn't want to wake up to pure evil on the bedside table? Who doesn't want to see a grinning clown face peeping out from the cupboard every time they switch on the kettle? Don't you think your dad deserves these invigorating experiences?

Pennywise mug

If your dad's morning are short on needless terror, then buy him this horrifying mug. It's available from Firebox for £12.99.

Lavazza Tiny espresso maker (£37)

If your dad's an espresso man, this stylish little pod espresso maker could be just the thing. At 24.6x12x29cm, it's as tiny as its name suggests and could very easily be a desktop companion. 

Lavazza Tiny

It's compatible with A Modo Mio capsules and you can buy the machine from for £37, either in black or in white.

Lego mug (£8.49)

He probably stepped on your abandoned Lego at some stage, so why not remind him of those halcyon days with an upscaled, usable Lego mug?

Lego mug

Bear in mind that it's plastic rather than ceramic and perhaps not the most practical shape in the world. However, it's microwave-safe and dishwasher safe and it'd make an entertainingly unsophisticated espresso cup.

You can buy it from the Lego store for £8.49

Lavazza milk frother (£39/£59)

If you've got an espresso maker that doesn't have an inbuilt milk frothing wand, you can buy a standalone milk frother and turn your espressos into lattes or cappuccinos. 

These handy countertop appliances will heat and/or froth your milk for a barista-style beverage.

Lavazza has two models, the MilkEasy (£39) and the MilkUp (£59), which is a bit more robust and gives you more options in terms of preparation. We've tested the MilkUp and it's quick, easy and efficient: an elegant one-touch device. 


Coffee bean or coffee pod subscription

If your dad has all the kit, a coffee bean subscription would be a welcome gift. 

200 Degrees will send you 250g of freshly roasted coffee for £8 a bag. Setting up a subscription is easy. Just go to the website, choose your grind type, frequency and the type of coffee you'd like delivered. You can choose between every week, every other week and every four weeks.

You then pick between whole beans (if you have a grinder at home) or choose by your method of brewing (coffee that's ground for an AeroPress, cafetiere, Mocha Pot and so on). Finally, you can opt for one of five types of coffee blends. 

If you prefer to keep things simple, you can opt for a capsule subscription.

And if you'd like to get a coffee machine into the bargain, Lavazza currently has a deal on that allows you to buy one of its coffee machines for £1 if you get a capsule subscription.

Simply go to the website and choose your coffee machine to begin. Our favourite is the Desea (it's currently our best-reviewed coffee machine), which usually costs £199, so this is a huge saving.