We reviewed this robot vac at the end of last year. It was then available for £249, which we considered a good price. The N79S is easy to use and comes with a remote control. This is a somewhat underrated feature as it’s easy for anyone in the household to grab and control the vacuuming, without having to install an app.

The vac is also Alexa-compatible, which means you can opt to use voice commands to get the little cleaner to do your bidding.  

It can handle both carpets and hard floors. One limitation of the device is its navigation method – while higher-budget cleaners use sensors to map the room, the N79S will head off in one direction until it hits an obstacle, then turn and head off another way.

Ecovacs n97s

This means that it’s not quite as efficient as sensor-guided cleaners and it’s utterly maddening to watch it at work. Our pro tip here is: let the robot vac do its thing while you go and have a cup of tea.

You also have the option of using the app to drive the vac around the floor like a remote-control car. Again, this is compatible with sitting down and drinking tea and it’ll allow you to target areas that the vac has missed.  

The cleaning performance is generally good but it may struggle with embedded dirt in carpets. However, if you have hard flooring and are looking for a well-priced robot vac, this is an excellent price on a decent cleaner.

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