You can’t buy direct from LG, but from one of the participating retailers. LG says that this is a nationwide offer, including all retailers, but we would suggest double-checking before you buy. John Lewis and Marks Electrical (unrelated to M&S) are clearly showing the deal on their websites but that does not seem to be the case with all retailers.

You can purchase online, over the phone or in person (if you can find a store that’s open, of course). Keep all the paperwork because you'll need it to claim.

You can buy one product in each category (laundry, fridge freezers and the Styler) and get cashback on each appliance. Cashback starts at £100/ €100 per appliance and goes up to £300/ €300, depending on the price of the product.

The rest of the FAQs are available from LG.

This offer is only available in the UK and in Ireland. If you’re in Ireland, you’ll receive your cashback in Euros.

The next step is to claim your cashback from 14 to 30 days after purchase. To do so, you’ll need to register your purchase with appliance serial numbers and information from the receipt.

You’ll receive an email confirmation about your registration within 10 days.

Then, within 60 days of validation, your cashback will be deposited via bank transfer into your account. The account must be in the UK or Ireland.

Which products are included?

There are a number of products included in the deal and they fall into three categories: refrigeration, laundry (including washing machines, washer/dryers and tumble dryers) and the LG Styler, which is a steam wardrobe, and in a category of its own.

There are 14 fridge freezers included in the offer. We've picked out a couple of favourites.

You can get £100/ €100 cashback on the LG GBB62PZGFN freestanding 70/30 fridge freezer. It's A+++ energy rated (the most energy efficient bracket), 60cm wide with a shiny steel finish. It has a 384 litre capacity, which means it'll fit 24 bags of shopping.

It's available to buy from John Lewis for £799

LG fridge

There's £300/ €300 cashback available on the LG InstaView GMX936SBHV American-style, plumbed freestanding 65/35 fridge freezer. It's A+ rated, is 90cm wide and comes in a glossy black finish. It has a capacity of 571 litres, which means it can hold 35 shopping bags of food.

This four door fridge freezer has no end of cool (heh) extras. It has a glass-fronted cabinet built into the door for easy access to drinks and snacks. If you knock twice on the panel, it'll illuminate, so you can see what you have before you open the door.

It also dispenses water and ice, has a moisture balancing crisper and a fresh zone that is always at zero degrees for storing meat and fish.

It's available from John Lewis for £3,149.

LG American style fridge freezer   

Here's the insta-view door.

Insta-view door

You can also choose from 11 washing machines, six washer/dryers and two tumble dryers. 

One of the best-priced washing machines is the LG F4V709STS freestanding washing machine in graphite. It has a 9kg load capacity, 1,400rpm spin action and an A+++ energy rating.

It's available to buy from John Lewis for £599. There's £100/ €100 in cashback available if you purchase it. 

LG washing machine

Finally, the LG Styler is included in the deal.

The Styler, which was released earlier this year, is a slim steam wardrobe (44.9x58.5x185cm). It has a number of functions. It can be used to steam clean clothes and press trousers. It can refresh cashmere, leather and silk, cutting down on trips to the dry cleaners. Its steam sanitising function is British Allergy Foundation approved, so it can be used to sanitise bedding, children's toys and more and will remove 99.99% of bacteria.

LG Styler

It's also a connected appliance, although the focus is on product support and advice from LG, rather than remote control via the app. However, you can download custom cleaning programmes to the Styler.

You can buy the LG Styler from John Lewis for £1,899 in white or black and claim £300/ €300 cashback. Essentially, that means you're getting it for £1,599 which is a huge saving on a product that was only launched earlier this year.

One note of caution: if you're buying an appliance that needs to be plumbed in, make sure that the delivery service is able to offer that if you can't do it yourself. Social distancing regulations mean that many companies are still only able to offer doorstep delivery. If they are taking away your old appliance at the same time, you may need to have it ready at your door.