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There are five models of the iconic ‘50s style fridge included in the deal: the FAB28, the FAB30, the FAB32, the FAB38 and the FAB50. Each model has a range of prices depending on the colour and whether the door hinge is on the left or right side. Unlike some fridges, the door is not reversible, so make sure you get what you need when you order.

The available colours are blue, black, cream, pastel green, red, white, pink, orange, pastel blue, lime green, silver and the Union Jack design - but not all models come in each colour.

When you’re measuring up, bear in mind that a gap of 175mm must be left on the hinged side of the fridge to allow the door to open. The FAB50 model needs 200mm space.

The FAB28 is the smallest model, with dimensions of 153 x 60 x 73cm. It has an A+++ energy rating. It has a fresh food capacity of 244 litres (which is about 13 bags of shopping). However, it doesn’t have a separate freezer, only a small ice box with a 26-litre capacity.

Smeg FAB28

John Lewis has a great selection of colours of this model in the right hinge and the left hinge type. Prices vary, depending on the colour but go up to £1,349.

AO.com has a lot of stock as well: in black, with a right hand hinge for £1,169 and a left hinge for £1,174; in white, with a right hinge and a left hinge, each for £1,298. The site has a good selection of other colours as well.

The FAB30 is the next size up. It's a 70/30 fridge freezer, measuring 172 x 60.1 x 72.8cm and is A+++ rated. It has a refrigerator capacity of 222 litres (12 bags) and a larger, separate freezer with a 72-litre capacity. John Lewis has a number of colours in both right hinge and left hinge models. Again, prices vary by colour, but go up to £1,479.

AO.com also has a great selection of colours. The left hinged FAB30 is available in pastel green (£1,399), white (£1,399), cream (£1,479) and black (£1,479), among other colours. The right hinge is in pastel blue (£1,479), orange (£1,399), white (£1,479) and more. 

The FAB32 has a different split between fridge and freezer (60/40). It also measures 172 x 60 x 72.8cm, with a refrigerator capacity of 234 litres and a 97-litre, no frost freezer. These go up in price to £1,799. John Lewis has a number of colours in both right and left hinge.

The FAB38 is the tallest fridge freezer, with dimensions of 205 x 70.6 x 77.1cm. John Lewis has both right and left hinge models in a variety of colours. They go up to £1,899.

Smeg FAB30

It can hold 333 litres of fresh food (16 bags) and 128 litres of frozen. It has a double cooling system for efficiency and a no frost freezer with a manual ice maker.

The FAB50 is a wider fridge freezer, measuring 195 x 80.4 x 81cm. It has a fresh food capacity of 315 litres and a no frost freezer capacity of 97 litres. It's A++ energy rated.

If you want to buy, AO.com currently has the best selection of colours. They range in price from £1,799 to £2,019.

Smeg also has cashback deals on products including its Portofino range, its Victoria range, its American-style refrigerators and range cookers. You can find out the products included and how to claim on the site's promotions section.