When we reviewed the Oral-B 6000 and 6500 last year, the 6000 was priced at £229.99 (its RRP). We praised the brush but felt that the cost was a bit of a sticking point: "The brushes are top quality, but the price is maybe too high for most pockets, whatever the potential savings at the dentist." 

But not any more. Buy today and you can get the Oral-B SmartSeries 6000 for just £59.99. That's a lot of tech for a very reasonable price. The brush has five cleaning modes and its free-to-use app will give you brushing feedback. You'll get a handle, charger, smart timer and four brush heads for your money. 

Oral-B 6000

For £10 more - £69.99 - you can get the Oral-B SmartSeries 6500, which has six cleaning modes.

If you want Oral-B's latest brush, the iO, you can get it today for £224.99. That's the best offer available at the moment and half of the RRP, which is £449.99. You can choose from black, violet and white.  

iO brush

The iO has an interactive OLED screen and gives the user complete feedback on their brushing technique. It has seven cleaning modes and upgraded vibrating technology.  Plus, it has a magnetic dock which charges the brush in three hours. The iO has a 12.5 hour battery life. In the box, you'll get a handle, brush head, refill holder, charger and charging case.

If you're looking for a deal on replacement brushing heads, there are also some on the sale page, so check it out.

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