Apple traditionally leaves the previous generation iPad on sale at a new lower price and it has done exactly that. However, it has decided to keep the original iPad mini on sale. This means that there are five different iPads to choose from which you can buy brand new from the Apple store. See also: Apple iPad Air 2 first-look review.

Five is plenty but there are even more if you include refurbished models.

Pricing remains the same so the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 start at £399 and £319 respectively. However, you can spend anywhere from £199 and £659 with the current crop.

The 32 GB capacity has been dropped from the line-up so there's now a jump from 16- to 64 GB and then double to 128 GB.

Older models which remain on sale don't have the same storage capacities on offer so you only have to choose between 16- and 32 GB for the last generation (the iPad mini original is now only available in 16 GB).

If you're trying to decide between an iPad and the hundreds of Android devices out there then things get even worse. In this video we've stuck to comparing the many iPads on offer to help you reach a conclusion.