He expects performance improvements of 50-100% on older Intel chips. If this is possible, it could prove transformative for the Mac line, which has lost ground to Windows machines in sales, design and performance in recent years. Apple’s goal is to produce laptop and desktop chips with performance as streamlined as the A-series chips in iPhones and iPads, achieved by closely controlling the hardware and software.

Despite this, Kuo thinks that Apple will launch a redesigned iMac before that with an Intel CPU. We’re hoping to see an iPad Pro-like redesign to overhaul the ageing aesthetic of the iMac line up at WWDC that could launch straight afterwards, but latterly reporting claims that Apple is not expected to show off specific hardware even if it announces the chips.

Apple kicks off Dub Dub, as it’s known in enthusiast communities, as an online-only event today for the first time in its history. Usually held as a developer conference in San Jose, CA, it has been forced to a virtual event due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.