The case is listed for pre-order on Mobile Fun for £19.99 with the product name ‘Olixar Genuine Leather iPhone 11 Pro Case & Apple Pencil Holder’ and has a slot in the back of the case for an Apple Pencil to slide into.

It also suggests that the new iPhone will indeed have a squircle camera module with triple sensors and a flash.

There are two Apple Pencils currently, both the original and the newer wireless charging Apple Pencil 2 for the latest iPad Pros. Both are too long to slide into an iPhone case, so this fuels the rumour that the new iPhone will not only support the Pencil but also introduce a much shorter model.

The ‘iPhone 11 Pro’ moniker could well be a placeholder for the site as we don’t yet know the official names of the iPhones to be launched in September, but it has long been rumoured the iPhone would introduce a ‘Pro’ model to fit in line with the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. Many people would consider Apple Pencil support a pro feature, though what exactly it’d be best for is unclear given the much smaller display of the iPhone compared to all iPads.

Whether or not this case is an accurate representation of the sort of upgrade the new iPhone will get remains to be seen as we approach the rumoured 10 September Apple event