But now 9to5Mac has uncovered what looks to be a reference to new AirPods in the latest iOS 13.2 beta. The report shows the below glyph found in a system component that appears to be AirPods with in-ear tips:

The report claims this is proof of noise cancelling AirPods but on this evidence alone it cannot confirm that. This suggests that the next AirPods might be in-ear, and therefore be noise isolating. The leak does not back up any technical suggestion that they will be noise cancelling, a feature that requires additional sensors and parts.

This image was found in files related to accessibility, hinting that they could be used as hearing aids (a feature that already exists for the current AirPods).

We have been using AirPods since they came out and like them, but for others the fit is an issue. With a new in-ear design the second-gen AirPods could be more appealing if you’ve not yet been convinced. The noise isolation would improve the sound quality as well as fit.