The specs here show a 10th-gen chip, which would be expected on a new MacBook Pro, while 32GB RAM is not yet offered by Apple on its current models. The same goes for the 4TB SSD being claimed to have registered on the benchmark platform.

This goes against the belief that Apple will retire the 13in MacBook Pro in favour of a 14in version, just as it upgraded the 15in to 16in last year. At the moment, there’s an odd situation where the 16in Pro has a newer ninth-gen Intel CPU and the improved scissor switch keyboard, and the 13in is on eighth-gen and the troublesome butterfly switch keyboard.

All MacBook Pro leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt, but this is further evidence that suggests Apple is indeed preparing to bring its 13in MacBook Pro into 2020. With the new chips and improved keyboard, it’ll likely be a machine many people will want to upgrade too given its cheaper price point compared to the larger 16in.