It’s likely that Apple would try and spin such as a move as environmentally friendly and claim that many people already have an iPhone charger. But not many people will have Apple fast chargers, and some first time buyers will have to stump up the extra cash for a charger of any kind if the rumours are true.

Kuo added that he expects Apple to produce a new 20W charger that will replace the small 5W brick and the 18W brick that currently only ships with the iPhone 11 Pro - though he says it'll ship with the rumoured new iPads and not the iPhone 12.

iPhones are certainly fairly ubiquitous in the US market but for the rest of the world it’ll jar if the iPhone 12 ships with no charger. It’s also unclear if the 12 Pro will have a charger in the box, but if it does then it’ll look like a charger is a luxury accessory.  

But given the volume of iPhones shifted, there are surely also a lot of unused chargers sitting in drawers around the world, something Apple may be looking to address by making them an add-on purchase.