The iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5in and £619 but should you buy one? Find out in our iPhone 6 Plus video review.

As expected, Apple announced two new iPhones: The 4.7in iPhone 6 and the even bigger 5.5in iPhone 6 Plus. The larger than life smartphone starts at £619 so is Apple's most expensive to date. See: Apple iPhone 6 Plus review.

Despite being 16cm tall, the handset is impressively thin at just 7.1mm. It's unavoidably heavy at 172 g, though.

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It's a thing of beauty but remains delicate meaning you'll want to invest in a case. Unfortunately, the rear camera sticks out meaning the device rocks when on a flat surface. The new iPad-like rounded design makes it easy to hold than previous generations. But this is one big phone and Apple has made some changes to suit.

For starters the power button has moved from the top of the phone to the side and there are software changes which we'll come to shortly. Read: The best iPhone 6 alternatives.

At 5.5in the screen matches the LG G3 as is a big jump from the 4in display of the iPhone 5s. Apple has gone for a Full HD resolution, as opposed to Quad HD found on its Android rival, for what it calls the Retina HD screen.

Resolution wars aside, the display looks great, offering better brightness, viewing angles and a higher contrast ratio. The bigger issue is using it. The sheer size of the iPhone 6 Plus means it's a two-handed phone and it's nice to be able to use the homescreen in landscape orientation. See also: iPhone 6 review.

A feature called reachability makes things easier but can't solve the unwieldy nature of the phone. Double tapping the home button brings pulls content down to the bottom half of the display.

Inside the phone is a new A8 processor which is, as usual, faster than before. And the M8 co-processor can now detect activity types and measure elevation.

Apple still refuses to offer expandable storage but if you can afford it at a whopping £789, there's a new 128GB model. The 32GB capacity has been dropped.

Alongside the latest 11ac Wi-Fi and support for more 4G LTE bands is, at long last, an NFC chip. However, this is currently restricted to ApplePay contactless payments which won't even launch in the UK until next year. Read: iPhone 6 NFC chip is restricted to ApplePay.

The camera on the iPhone 6 Plus remains at 8Mp but has upgrades in the form of phase detection auto focus, 240fps slow-motion video and optical image stabilisation.

The latter is exclusive to the Plus model which is one reason to opt for it over the smaller option but neither can shoot video in 4K.

The iPhone 6 Plus has some features not even available on the regular model such as a Full HD resolution and optical image stabilisation. However, we feel it's too big and expensive for most users.