iOS 13.1.1 notably fixes a bug where third-party keyboards could gain full access to your data without permissions allowed on your iPhone. It also supposedly fixes the battery drain issue.

It’s proving to be a buggy start for what likely will be a full year before iOS 14 is available. Apple also used this version to siphon the iPad software into its own iPadOS update, as it drastically updates the home screen for iPads.

We like the changes made despite the bugs, though it’s a shame it has fully abandoned 3D Touch on older devices that have the feature. The iPhone XR and the 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max do not have the pressure sensitive screen technology and instead use what Apple calls haptic touch, which is a long press technique and nothing to do with pressure.

It’s a shame that on iPhone 6s up to iPhone XS that haptic touch is now a feature if you upgrade to iOS 13, making the pressure sensitive screen in your iPhone forever redundant.