9to5Mac points out that features like Shortcuts Automations and Share ETA are present in the 13.1 build but were not in the last 13 build, so Apple is working to reintroduce them down the line. 

Apple’s usual routine is to announce its new crop of iPhones at a September event before shipping them a couple of weeks later. Around that time older compatible iOS devices receive a free over-the-air update to the new version.

We expect this to continue, with iOS 13 being pushed out in September. But it’s unusual for Apple to push a .1 build to developers before the full public release, and so soon after a previous build.

It’s already apparent that iOS 13 will, like iOS 12, fail to be the huge software overhaul that we’ve been expecting from Apple for a while. That will fall to the visual changes made to iPadOS as part of iOS 13,  the tablet specific operating system that Apple has siloed away from what it pushes to iPhones.