Apple has rolled out iOS 13.3.1 globally to compatible iPhones and iPads. The patch fixes several bugs including one that affected the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro where the new U1 ultra wideband chip was pinging location data even when the setting was turned off by the user.

Apple at the time claimed it was as intended as the data is not sent to a remote server. Rumours were the tech may have been in place to ping Apple’s expected upcoming location tag product – but this update sees Apple allowing people to turn off the ping if they want.

Also in the update are patches for bugs in Communication Limits, Deep Fusion, Mail, CarPlay and connectivity issues with O2 customers.

Image: Tech Advisor

Given that every iPhone 6S and later in the world receives these updates at the moment, this isn’t a very long list of bugs to fix. Apple had a rocky start with the launch of iOS 13 where it also split off the iPad version into iPadOS, but point updates like the one today are much more normal in their content and shows Apple has steadily regained control of the unexpectedly buggy initial releases of the software.