So this year Apple has made a few changes. There are still three models, but line lineup has been simplified to iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. It's the first time the Pro moniker has been used for an iPhone.

The iPhone 11 has a 6.1in screen (just like the XR) and updated surround-sound audio. It has two rear cameras with the second being an ultra-wide lens.

The iPhone 11 Pro (5.8in) and Pro Max (6.5in) get a third rear camera, bringing an ultra-wide-angle lens as well as the 2x telephoto lens. Apple has added a night mode at last, but it is keener to talk about the improved video capture, which extends to 4K at 60fps using the front camera as well as both rears.

Of course, there's a new processor running the show, the A13 Bionic. All three phones run iOS 13, which includes a few new features including long-awaited dark mode. For older phones, including 6s andlater, iOS 13 will be available as an update on 19 September.

The phones will be available to pre-order from Apple's website from this Friday, 13 September at 12pm (5am Pacific Time) and they go on sale 20 September.

iPhone 11

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Apple Watch 5

Following on from the 2018 Apple Watch 4 which saw a significant redesign, the new Watch 5 sticks with that design and gets a couple of updates, and a new brushed titanium case option.

It has a new always-on display, so you can always see the time and complications. This is achieved by using an LTPO display which can be refreshed as slowly as once per second. When you tap the screen or raise your wrist, the screen returns to full brightness.

iPhone 11

A second new feature is a built-in compass, which lets you see which direction you're facing in Maps, and there's a new Compass app which displays your heading plus latitude and longitude.

Cellular models now have emergency calling internationally, and it will come with WatchOS 6. Oddly Apple barely mentioned the new OS, and most definitely did not bring up the subject of sleep tracking, which was heavily rumoured prior to the launch. It only said that the Series 5 has the "same 18 hour battery life" as the Series 4, which is now discontinued.

The GPS models start at $399 / £399, with cellular versions costing $100 / £100 more. 

You can pre-order one immediately, or pick one up in an Apple store from 20 September. Our sister site Macworld has rounded up the best deals on the new Apple Watch

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New iPad 10.2-inch

Apple also announced a 7th generation iPad to replace the 6th-gen 9.7in model. It has a bigger display, with a 10.2in Retina display. It has 3.5 million pixels, and it uses the A10 Fusion processor.

Thanks to a smart connector, you can attach a smart keyboard cover, something previously only on the iPad Pro.

iPhone 11

Plus you can use a dongle that allows you to attach a USB thumb drive or SD card and browse the contents making it better for productivity. It runs the latest version of iPadOS, as you'd imagine.

It will start at $329 / £349 for the 32GB model, and you can order it today - the first will ship on 30 September.

Also, Apple announced that Arcade, the game subscription service, will launch on 19 September and cost $4.99 per month with a month's free trial.

Apple TV+ is the company's new video streaming service. It will be available 1 November in over 100 countries at launch. It will cost $4.99 per month for a family subscription.

When you buy an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you'll get a year's subscription to Apple TV+ included.