Of course, with the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, there aren’t many Apple Stores open at the moment. The good news is that Apple has implemented a contact-free delivery option for those that want to upgrade to the Series 5, all organised via the Apple trade-in site.

It’s worth mentioning that while this is a great way to get a discount on the Series 5, you could also use the discount to make the Series 3 even cheaper at only £79/$49 for the base 38mm model. It might seem a bit backwards to trade in a Series 4 to get a Series 3, and we largely agree, but you could trade in your scratched and scuffed Series 3 and get £100/$100 off, netting a brand new Series 3 for only £100/$100.

Hey, some of us really don’t like scratches, okay?

Apple hasn’t confirmed when the promotion is due to end, but the company claims it’s only around for a limited time so those interested should make use of the offer sooner rather than later.

You can also pick up an Apple Watch 3 for free with this iPhone SE 2020 offer.