The app contains will alert you if you stray too far from certain possessions, with the ability to activate an audible chime from the tracker to help locate it. The tracker has the codename B389, confirmed by an uncovered string of code that says, “tag your everyday items with B389 and never lose them again.”

MacRumors also suggests that there will be an AR side to the new product, and that other iPhone users can help report lost items to their correct owner if they find them.

This represents an unusual departure for Apple in investing a whole new product designed to help you locate items that aren’t Apple products. Although Tile is the current market leader, it is likely that if Apple introduces an inexpensive way for people to easily track items within the iPhone ecosystem that Apple will quickly find great success.

Guesses as to the name of the tracker on a postcard, please. Our money is on iFoundit.

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