The anonymous source for the article said that production yield is fairly limited but that some units had already been shipped to retail stores.

The iPhone XR is still manufactured in India, and in the past Apple has continued to produce the iPhone SE, 6s, and 7 models there, but not when they were top of the line. The fact the iPhone 11 is now being made there all but confirms Apple will continue to sell the model at a discount after the iPhone 12 range is launched before the end of the year.

Apple wants to better break into the Indian market with its lower cost iPhones. Indian smartphone spending thrives on budget and mid-range Android devices where consumers put utmost value in getting the highest specs possible for the lowest price, a category that Apple does not excel in.

It sells well in the premium price segment, but only enjoys a 2% market share overall, something Apple will want to change considering India is the second-biggest smartphone market.