Apple Music was announced at the opening keynote during WWDC. The idea is to create a 'complete experience' as opposed to the myriad of other music streaming services out there which don't do everything Apple Music does (according to Apple, that is).

Apple says the service will give you the "right song at the right moment" as it doesn't decide the next song based on algorithms alone but also with human interaction.

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Apple Music: release date and price

Apple Music will be launched on 30 June in 100 countries as part of iOS 8.4, which is likely to be the last update before iOS 9. You'll be able to use it on an Android device when the Apple Music app launches in the autumn. It will arrive around the same sort of time on the Apple TV. Rumours suggest that the delay is due to the fact that Apple will probably launch a TV streaming service at the same time, possibly also called Apple TV.

Regardless of how you access it, Apple Music will cost $9.99 per month, but the first three months will be free.  For $14.99 up to six family members can have their own individual account. We fully expect those to translate to Sterling with only a change of currency symbol, since the US prices don't include tax. So expect to pay £9.99 per month or £14.99 for a family account.

Apple Music: Beats 1 radio station

It will also offer 24/7 global radio "a music lover's dream". It's called Beats 1 and will be fronted by Zane Lowe. It will be broadcast live from New York, LA and London.

Apple Music release date

Apple Music: the app

As well as a huge catalogue, artists - even unsigned artists - can upload their songs to Apple Music.

It will integrate 'My Music' and display your recently purchased music, your playlists and let you listen to music on your iPhone or iPad as well as the millions of tracks available in iTunes. It will also be ad-free.

Apple Music release date

The For You section will suggest artists and albums, along with the top charts (for songs, albums and videos) plus playlists (curated by humans) based on genre or activity.

Apple Music release date

There's also a Connect section which is basically a social network where artists can post videos, photos and more so you can get previews of lyrics, riffs and whatever artists want to share.

Apple Music release date

Apple Music: Siri and streaming quality

As you might expect, Apple Music has Siri integration so you can say not only "play Back to Black" but also "play the top 10 songs in alternative" or "play the top song from May 1982".

Apple didn't talk about audio quality, but we're told that the highest quality steam available will be 256Kb/s. This is lower than Spotify Premium's 320Kb/s but we'd be surprised if there's a noticeable difference, especially considering many people will be listening on their iPhone's with the bundled headphones.