Premium accessories no doubt, but if you or your company has bought a Mac Pro, a computer that costs at least £5,499/$5,999, then you can probably afford them.

Still, the wheels come out at £20 more than the 128GB iPhone XR. I suppose it depends on your needs.

Image: Apple

You can configure the Mac Pro at purchase. The four feet come on the unit as standard but you can add the wheels for £400/$400, which means Apple is marking them up £299/$299 if you decide to get them later. The mark up is the same price as the feet are sold separately.

It’s the mad world of the Apple high-end. When the Mac Pro was announced, we balked at the £999/$999 Pro Stand But the wheels here in particular seem like something functional that should cost less.

They will no doubt be of excellent quality, but this is a different stratosphere of expensive, even for Apple. Then again, the Mac Pro and its accessories are arguably the one Apple product that earns its ‘Pro’ moniker – regular consumers need not apply.