Rumours of the iPhone 9 (formerly the iPhone SE 2) just won’t die and now reports are saying cases for a ‘New iPhone 4.7”, 2020’ have started to turn up at Best Buy stores in the US.

9to5Mac says a tipster sent it the below photo of a case from third party casemaker UAG that is for the new iPhone 9, which is said to have a 4.7in display – the same as the iPhone 8. The person said that staff had been instructed not to put the cases on display until 5 April, suggesting a launch of the new iPhone is mere days away.

The new phone has long been rumoured to have the same dimensions as the iPhone 8 but with the internals of the iPhone 11, mirroring the original iPhone SE that sported the iPhone 5s design but with the specs of an iPhone 6s.

Image: 9to5Mac

Given the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, Apple recently announced and launched its new iPad Pro and MacBook Air without an event. We could well see this much-anticipated phone released with no event and little fanfare.

If it finally sees the light of day, we’ll be interested to see how it sells. Apple’s iPhone 8 is currently the smallest phone the company still sells, but if a new phone with the same form factor is launched we reckon the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will finally be retired.