Vector is a new London-based smartwach company and it will launch a range of smartwatches this summer including the Luna and Meridian. Here's what you need to know about the Vector Watch release date, price, specs, features and compatibility. See: The best smartwatches 2015 UK.

Vector said: "Introduced as a stylish and desirable piece of jewellery rather than a gadget, the Vector smartwatch looks to fill the gap in the market left by fashion-focused smartwatches lacking technological innovation, and technology orientated wearables."

Vector Watch release date and price UK

There isn't an exact release date for the Vector Watch just yet but launch events will take place in London, New York and San Francisco 'early summer' so that's when the entire range will go on sale.

Despite the lack of a precise launch date, you can pre-order three limited edition Vector Watch models now starting at just £169. There are two models of the device available with different straps, too. The Luna is the round model but if you prefer a square watch then the Meridian is the one for you. There will be various editions of each - see below.

Vector Watch Luna and Meridian

It's the Meridian which is the cheaper of the two, looking similar to the Pebble Steel and is currently available to pre-order in a 40.5mm size with a black nylon Nato strap. Meanwhile, the Luna is a more pricy £299 and you can choose from a Luna Performance - black matte body with a brown leather strap – or Luna Contemporary - a gun metal grey case with a black nylon strap.

There will be other models including a Luna Classic (below) which offers a rose gold case and a Meridian Contemporary which has a brushed stainless steel case. Both will come with matching stainless steel link strap.

Vector Watch specs, features and compatibility

Most smartwatches are compatible with iOS or Android and sometimes both but the Vector Watch covers both the Apple and Google camps plus Windows Phone so is compatible with the vast majority of the smartphone market.

Headline specs and features include a waterproof body up to 50 m (5ATM) and a touted 30 day battery life. Vector also says the watch will feature a "sensor activated notification system which allows users to acknowledge messages with the flick of a wrist, and built-in contextual awareness that allows the device to understand patterns in user behaviour."

Vector Watch Luna Classic

That feature mentioned earlier which will be added when the device launches is support for web-based service IFTTT (If This Then That). Once the channel is launched users will be able to create their own 'recipes' to do all kinds of things.

"With the new IFTTT Do product, a user could set up a ‘recipe’ to activate their Scout home security system at the touch of a button," said the firm.