Razer Nabu release date rumours

PC gaming hardware company Razer is the latest in a long line of companies set to release a wrist-worn device into the wearable tech market. Its smartwatch/fitness band hybrid, the Razer Nabu smartband, is expected to be released soon. Here, we round up the latest Razer Nabu release date rumours, bring you UK pricing information, and share with you all of the specs and features you'll get with the new gadget. See: Best Activity Trackers 2014

Razer Nabu release date: When is the Razer Nabu coming out?

The Razer Nabu was first unveiled during CES 2014 in January, but since then we've not heard an awful lot about it. Until now, that is. Razer has just released two official Nabu apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Fitness app monitors your activity and the Utility app allows you to control and configuire the Nabu itself.

It seems odd that the apps are available to download onto your smartphone or tablet already, but without the device itself they're really not going to be much use.

So where is it? Well, Razer originally said that the Nabu would be available in October 2014, but that month came and went without any sign of the product. However, reports now suggest that the Nabu will be released this month, so we're expecting the release date to be any day now.

Razer Nabu UK pricing: How much will the Razer Nabu cost?

There's no official UK price for the Razer Nabu just yet, but it's believed to be under $100 and some have suggested a European price of 99 Euros, which could mean a UK price of around £80.

Razer Nabu specs & features

Razer Nabu release date rumours

The Razer Nabu features an OLED screen that the company describes as the "Private Message Screen" because it sits on the underside of your wrist and is designed to keep your notifications hidden from others. You'll be alerted to new notifications (including phone calls, messages, emails, social media and more) via haptic feedback (vibrations) instead, in order to be more discreet.

In terms of design, the Razer Nabu is available in two different sizes to fit different wrist sizes, and in addition there are two extra clasps in the box to tailor the fit to suit your wrist better.

Plus, while the main colour of the Nabu is black, there are green, orange, grey and all-black colour trims available to choose from.

As can be expected from a fitness band, the Razer Nabu can track your steps, calories, distance, floors and sleep, just like its rivals including the new Microsoft Band and Samsung Gear Fit. It connects to your iOS, Android or Windows Phone device and collects your data into the Nabu Fitness app. See also: Microsoft Band vs Samsung Gear Fit

Razer Nabu release date rumours

Razer has implemented some interesting social features into the Nabu too, which could be quite fun if the device takes off. Using a proprietary wireless system, it can alert you when a Nabu-wearing friend is nearby, and you can get the Facebook or Twitter details of someone you've just met by giving them a high-five or shaking their hand (they have to be wearing a Nabu, of course).

This feature can open up gaming possibilities, too (after all, Razer is a gaming hardware company first and foremost). The Razer Pulse feature allows two or more Razer Nabus in a specified proximity to automatically exchange unique user tags that can be used by third-party apps.

These apps can all be found in the Nabu App Marketplace, which is populated by apps created by developers that have been working with the free Nabu developer kit SDK.

The Nabu charges via Micro USB, which is hidden inside the clasp of the wristband in a similar fashion to the Nike Fuelband. According to Razer, the battery will last for up to 7 days.