Fitbit launched are normally pretty hyped but the firms latest wearable has arrived with not even a lone party popper. The Fitbit Inspire fitness tracker is here but you can't buy one and we'll explain why.

When is the Fitbit Inspire release date?

Well the Fitbit Inspire is technically out now as the firm has put it up on its official site. However, this is a wearable you can't just purchase if you like the look of it.

It's aimed at corporate customers who want to provide them to staff in order to promote a healthy lifestyle or as part of an insurance health plan.

Fitbit says "These special release trackers are available exclusively through Fitbit corporate, wellness, health plan, and health systems partners and customers of their organizations, participants, and members."

So you'll need to go and inform someone at your workplace if you want one for free. Those interested can contact Fitbit here. Check out the best Fitbits here.

Fitbit might well have more new fitness trackers at MWC so keep an eye out for consumer models.

Fitbit Inspire models and colours

What are the Fitbit Inspire specs?

There are two models for the Fitbit Inspire, which can be worn as a wrist band or as a clip-on like the discontinued Fitbit One. The pair are similar to the Fitbit Alta and Alta HR - available on Amazon.

The regular Inspire is available in black or sangria colours and features activity and sleep tracking, calories burned, smartphone alerts and a five day battery life. It's also swimproof and offers a touchscreen.

The Inspire HR, as you might expect add a heart rate monitor for real-time monitoring. It also has more advanced sleep tracking, goal-based exercise modes and can be paired with a phone to use its GPS for more accurate real-time pace and distance information.

It's also availalble in black with white a lilac options, too.