The Kobo Arc 10HD is an Android tablet with good hardware, an incredible 300 ppi display, a great price tag, and full access to the Google Play app store. (See also The 14 best tablets of 2013.)

It's hard to fault the Kobo Arc 10HD in the looks department, it's understated, dark and incredibly stylish. It features an edge-to-edge glass front with an acceptable and symmetrical amount of bezel - the discreet placement of the power and volume buttons is well thought out too. (Take a look at Best Android tablets 2013.)

The Arc 10 HD looks like a budget version of the Sony Tablet Z, and we use the term "budget" only because the Kobo is a bit on the chunky side.

The tablet is made from a pretty solid plastic that offers a reasonable amount of grip. The only drawback to the Kobo is its the weight, at 627g it's a heavy tablet.

The Kobo Arc 10HD does pretty well in the hardware department. It comes with a quad-core GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and 16 GB storage. The lack of a microSD card slot is a bit disappointing.

One of the best features of this tablet is the 10.1-inch HD display, at 300ppi it's one of the best screen's available in the 10-inch tablet market.

The real world performance of the Kobo Arc 10HD is nothing remarkable. It gets on with its functions with a reasonable amount of zip – switching from app to app isn't lightning fast, but acceptable.

Kobo Arc 10HD has opted for an almost partitioned OS, that gives you full access to the Google Play app store, while also presenting you with its own Kobo store and software. This is a real plus point for the Kobo tablet.

For the serious bookworms out there, there is also a handy Reading Mode button, accessible via the pull down mini-settings menu that turns off all of your tablets alerts so you can immerse yourself into a book with no distractions.