In general eReaders are quite affordable these days. Amazon's touchscreen Kindle is just £59, and you can get an eReader with a built-in light for this kind of money too. Also see: Best tech to take on holiday 2016.

Amazon's brand new Voyage is aimed at real bookworms - and rich ones at that. This new Kindle may not look all that different from previous models but it starts at a hundred and sixty-nine pounds. If you want built-in 3G, then it's £229. See also: Best eReaders of 2014

Amazon Kindle Voyage review: screen

So why is the Voyage special? Mainly because of its screen. It has the highest resolution of any Kindle at 1440x1080. As the screen is the same size as other Kindles at six inches, it has a pixel density of 300ppi, slightly higher than the Kobo Aura HD which matches the Voyage's resolution but on a slightly larger 6.8in screen.

It's not all about numbers, though. The Voyage really is a joy to use. Text is laser-sharp with none of the jaggedness you get on the £59 Kindle.

The edge-to-edge glass makes the Voyage seem much more like a tablet and swiping gestures are much more natural. The glass is micro-etched which prevents glare and reflections.

The backlight is noticeably better than on the Kindle Paperwhite. The light is nice and even and has enough adjustment so you can get the perfect level wherever you are. A new feature is an ambient light sensor which means the level is adjusted automatically.

There's also Night Light which slowly reduces brightness when it gets dark. It's designed to make brightness appear constant as your eyes adjust to the dark, and it works well.

One of the most common complaints about recent Kindles is the lack of page turn buttons. The Voyage fixes this with pressure-sensitive buttons either side of the screen. When holding it in one hand you can press the long line to go forwards and the dot to go back. Through the menus you can set the sensitivity of the buttons as well as the level of haptic feedback, which is a small vibration to let you know you've pressed hard enough.

Thanks to a faster processor, page turns are faster than ever. You can also use the on-screen keyboard to search for books in the Kindle store, and it's fast enough to keep up.

You get all the usual Kindle features, such as a built-in dictionary and page flip so you can keep your place while scanning forward or back in the book to refer to something. There's also X-Ray in certain books which tells you about each character.

Battery life will depend on how much you read each day, and how bright you like the backlight. Amazon claims up to six weeks, but that's reading for only half an hour per day.

Amazon Kindle Voyage review: verdict

The Kindle Voyage is one of the best eReaders money can buy. However, it's also the most expensive. For many people the extra resolution and page-turning buttons will be features they simply don't need.

You'll get a better reading experience on a Voyage compared to most other ereaders, but the improvement isn't enough to justify the high price. But if money's no object, then you won't be disappointed.