In May 2017, Amazon announced an all-new version of its £49 tablet which it called the Fire 7. Only it wasn’t ‘all new’ at all. It had a slightly different plastic casing, but the key components – the screen and processor – remained the same as the model it launched 18 months previously in 2015.

It’s still good value, but performance isn’t great. Your kids are unlikely to complain but it is slow by today’s standards, as you can read about in our review.

For Black Friday 2018, Amazon is offering the Fire 7 for just £29.99 which is great value. Buy it here.

The question, then, is whether Amazon will launch an updated version for 2018.

When is the next Fire 7 release date?

Right now, there are no signs that Amazon will announce any new tablets this year. That’s not unusual, as Amazon somehow manages to keep a lid on leaks for most of its hardware launches.

It has been 18 months since the current model launched, and there are still no signs that Amazon will release an updated one.

It’s possible Amazon will phase out the 7in model entirely if it can bring down the price of the HD 8. Right now, that’s one of the best-value tablets you can buy thanks to a bigger, better screen than the Fire 7. But then again, profit margins may be squeezed too much to do that and Amazon will want a very cheap option in the range.

What features will the next Fire 7 have?

Since there are no leaks or rumours, this is a wish list of the upgrades we want to see. But we will, of course, update this when any leaks happen.


The biggest issue we have with the current model is its lack of power. The quad-core 1.3GHz processor sounds fine on paper, but it really doesn’t cut it in practice.

Something around twice as fast would be the minimum we’d want for the next Fire 7 tablet.


Some people vehemently oppose cameras on tablets, but since a lot of Fire 7s are bought for kids, it’s important that they remain. The snappers on the current Fire 7 are diabolical, though.

Sticking a couple of decent cameras in the new model may cost a little more, though, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon retains the services of the old ones. But that would be a shame.


It’s probably too much to ask for a higher-resolution, better quality screen. That’s usually reserved for more expensive tablets in the range. However, if the resolution can be bumped from 1024x600 to at least 1280x720 Amazon could call it HD.

We’d also like to see the bezels slimmed down a bit as they’re huge compared to modern phones.

What do you want to see in the next Fire tablet?