Whitesmoke has launched an updated version of its grammar and spelling checker software.

WhiteSmoke 2008 Extended Edition will check spelling and grammar in all text-based programs including email and instant messenger software as well as providing users with a one-click theasaurus and letter templates.

The Community-based Spell Checker has been updated with new words including 'Facebook' and 'Obama' while the Enrichment on Demand feature allows users to hover the cursor over any word and, where appropriate, synonyms will be offered immediately. Users will also benefit from the Grammar Error Explanation tool, which explains the grammar rule behind an error correction, ensuring they can learn from their mistakes.

"In our email and IM-oriented world, success depends on the ability to quickly produce superior, action-oriented writing that gets results. WhiteSmoke facilitates this by serving as a defacto writing assistant, editor and proofreader, always ready to fix errors and sharpen your writing," said Whitesmoke CEO Hilla Ovil-Brenner.

A biotech version for people working in medical, biotech and related health care industries is also available and features over 130,000 medical and life science terms and definitions.

The WhiteSmoke 2008 extended edition is available to download and costs £40.