Wayfinder has launched an updated version of its Navigator software for mobile phones. The €79 per continent software comes with Wayfinder SpeedAlerts as well as indepth road maps.

With the new release, Wayfinder is touting the improved usability of its software as well as the fact that maps are now fully vectorised for all mobile phone platforms. Maps of more than 150 countries are offered by Wayfinder.

Consumers can get hold of the Wayfinder satellite navigation software by buying a 12-month subscription from the Wayfinder website, or by choosing the software as part of a mobile phone package. Single regions can be bought for €49 for a year-long subscription.

Points of interest and local business information comes as part of the Wayfinder Navigator bundle, with details taken from Yellow Pages and White Pages.

Wayfinder says its software can be used on hundreds of different mobile phone handsets. Its site lists devices from Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and RIM BlackBerry handsets.

Separate versions for Windows Mobile smartphones and for the Apple iPhone are also available.

In addition to the standard route-mapping detail, Wayfinder Navigator comes with Wayfinder Earth – a three-dimensional representation of the planet with more than 3 million points of reference. Wayfinder Earth can be used in conjunction with Google Earth while the geocaching LocateMate function can be used to show Facebook friends precisely where your wanderlust has taken you.

Wayfinder navigation software for iPhone

Wayfinder navigation software for iPhone