Serif has unveiled a new version of its DrawPlus illustration program, adding photo-editing features to the existing graphics tools. 

DrawPlus X4 integrates a PhotoLab using which PC users can fix red-eye,  adjust the colour, levels and curves and change the overall contrast and brightness of the photo. The PhotoLab also includes more than 70 artistic effects that can be overlaid on digital photos. 

Serifhas also taken the opportunity to revamp some of DrawPlus's illustration tools, making everyday drawing tasks easier to accomplish. A new Auto Alignment tool makes it easier to create neat layouts. Selecting and editing overlapping objects has also been refined to make it more straightforward.

A Colour Palette Designer will automatically select a number of similar and contrasting colours when users select one colour within an image or photo, while the brushes available now include a wider range of natural textures.

Support for graphics tablets has been extended and Serif DrawPlus X4 now works with Adobe Illustrator and can also be used for enhanced PDF editing. Users are even able to import, edit and export SVG (scalable vector images). 

"With DrawPlus X4 we wanted to offer people an even more powerful and creative graphics package that makes attractive artwork easy for all," said Gary Bates, managing director at Serif.

Serif DrawPlus X4 is available now and costs £79.99. Upgrade options are also available by calling 0800 376 7070.

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