Roxio has made available its Easy VHS to DVD - a kit that allows users to digitse their old VHS movies.

Whether it's family weddings, holidays or just a good night out, you've probably got a lot of precious memories stored on VHS. However, there is a chance the VHS tapes will rot and become unusable. By digitising them, you can preserve them and archive them on DVD - which is exactly what Roxio's Easy VHS to DVD kit is for.

The Easy VHS to DVD kit consists of video capture device that connects to your PC by USB and to a video recorder or other analogue video source. Roxio's video capture software records the footage and converts to from its original analogue format into digital footage. Once digitised, you can export the video directly to DVD or export the clips to devices such as an iPod. The Roxio Easy VHS to DVD kit also features from an S-Video and a composite input.

Roxio includes video-editing software so you can chop out any lengthy passages when nothing's happening, add chapter headings, subtitles and transitions and effects. An express labeller is also included so users can create personalised disc labels and covers.

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"With Easy VHS to DVD, we've made it point-and-click easy for families to preserve, rediscover, revive and relive this content on PC, DVD, or mobile devices," said Vito Salvaggio, vice-president of consumer products, Roxio division of Sonic Solutions.

Available now from Roxio, Easy VHS to DVD is priced at £39.99.

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD video digitising kit