Rosetta Stone has added a mobile component to its Dynamic Immersion language learning system to help wannabe linguists maximise the amount of cramming they can do.

The Rosetta Stone Audio Companion supplements the main language learning course which is based around either a set of CDs or online teaching modules. The Mobile module is designed as a convenient means of reinforcing language skills acquired and can be used on a more ad hoc basis such as when you go out for a jog, need something to take your mind off the housework and so on.

Rosetta Stone is an award-winning language learning program that attempts to replicate the way children acquire language skills and apply the same principles to us stubborn adults. Thirty different languages are supported and this new Rosetta Stone Audio Companion should help reinforce the process, prompting you to practice spoken exercises and respond to prompts as you drive or listen to your iPod.

"Rosetta Stone software allows users the flexibility to set their own pace and schedule. In the same way, Audio Companion enables learners to transfer the Rosetta Stone experience to their car, on their daily commute or on a morning run, fitting language learning around existing commitments", say its makers.

Rosetta Stone Audio Companion

Jog on! Rosetta Stone Audio Companion lets you practice your Italiano as you burn off last night's pizza

Rosetta Stone Audio Companion goes onsale next month. Pricing has yet to be announced.