Security company PC Tools has launched an antivirus program specifically aimed at Mac users. Named iAntivirus, the program claims to provide real-time scanning and protection for Macintosh computers.

While Apple Mac computers have largely escaped the attention of virus writers so far, it's only a matter of time before a major onslaught of successful viruses compromises the operating system.

Apple itself recently issued a recommendation that Mac users protect their computers from just such a threat – a marked contrast to the past few years when Mac fans enjoy thumbing their noses at security-conscious Windows users.

"Despite the misconception that the Mac OS is inherently secure, internal research has signalled a change in the number of threats targeting this platform. PC Tools recognise that while the Mac platform is relatively safe, it is not impervious to malware", said PC Tools' CEO Simon Clausen.

PC Tools' Malware Research Team has identified a range of malware specifically targeting Mac OS X. Of the Mac-specific threats PC Tools identified in the first quarter of 2008, just two percent were viruses while the rest were keyloggers, hacking tools and backdoors.

iAntivirus removes keyloggers, Trojans, spyware and viruses and is able to block malware insinuating itself into a Mac environment through instant messaging sessions, emails and removable media such as USB memory devices and DVDs.

A small alert window is displayed to advise you that your Mac has been protected against an attack.

PC Tools is offering Mac users the chance to protect their computers with iAntivirus beta for free, with support costing $29.95. For more details and to download the software see

PC Tools iAntivirus software for Macs

PC Tools iAntivirus software for Macs