Microsoft has made publicly available a free beta version of its Windows Sysinternals analysis tool.

The web-based tool enables users to identify PC problems via a web browser, rather than having to pay for or download a separate diagnostic program.

The free online tool will enable consumers to diagnose and troubleshoot their own PCs – a welcome break from rooting through your PC's own Help tools or hanging on the end of a support phone line.

According to details listed at the site, Windows Sysinternals Live is intended "to test an alternate distribution mechanism for our utilities".

Announcing the beta trial of Windows Sysinternals Live, Microsoft said: "We're excited to announce the beta of Sysinternals Live, a service that enables you to execute Sysinternals tools directly from the web without hunting for and manually downloading them,"

Windows Sysinternals is an umbrella name for a collection of more than 70 utilities for Windows operating systems created by Winternals Software. Microsoft acquired Winternals two years ago.

It consists of library listings of diagnostic tools and explanations of error messages.

If your PC's misbehaving, you can give the service a try by heading to

Alternatively, it can be made to run within the Windows environment with no need to download anything by entering the term '' (where toolname is the name of the specific tool required) into the Windows Run box.

However, the site cautions that if you’re unfamiliar with DIY troubleshooting, you first consult Microsoft's Technet site.

Microsoft Windows Sysinternals logo

Microsoft Windows Sysinternals is a free, web-based way to diagnose PC problems