Magix has released a second version of its Website Maker software. Magix Website Maker 2.0 costs £29 and is available now.

Magix Website Maker 2.0 comes with a host of new templates, from which users can customise page size, position, background colour and browser background colour and then text and images to create their own personalised website.

The new version of the software also offers 500GB of online storage space for users to host videos, music and pictures which can be embedded into their web page and played back by anyone viewing the website.

Users of Website Marker 2.0 will also benefit from the ability to create password-protected websites, their own URL and the chance to order a custom domain name.

Website Marker 2.0 costs £29.99 and is available from

Magix makes a range of consumer software titles, most of which centre around audio and video editing and production. Click here for our review of Magix Movie Edit Pro 14.

Magix Website Maker 2.0 software

Magix Website Maker 2.0 software