Magix has released an all-in-one package that allows you to digitise your home video archive and save it for posterity. The £49 package, Rescue Your Videotapes, includes Scart and component video cables as well as capture and conversion software.

The cables simply attach to an analogue video recorder, with the other end plugging in to a USB port on a PC or laptop.

Magix took the decision to offer a cable and software package rather than just a software program in response to customer confusion about what cables are needed to connect a VCR to a PC.

With Rescue Your Videotapes, Magix aims to make the video conversion process as simple as possible. Once the tape is in the video recorder and the VCR is hooked up to a PC, transferring and digitising footage is a matter of pressing the Record button. The resulting footage can then be saved as is or titles and effects applied.

Magix Rescue Your Videotapes can also be used to capture footage from an analogue or digital video camera, though separate cables will be required.

The £49 package is available in the UK from today.

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Magix Rescue Your Videotapes

Magix Rescue Your Videotapes